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We India’s Best Freelance SEO Experts in Bangalore pride us on bringing a fresh perspective and effective marketing to each project. Freelance SEO Expert in Bangalore love to Share the Stunning information About the Latest Trends, Search Marketing Working Principle and Latest Updated Related to the Digital Network Platform Especially Search Engine Optimization. One who wanted to Freelance SEO Expert in Bangalore can start Learn Our Blogs which helps to Boost Your Skills like Taking Pocket Monet to Issuing Salaries to your Employees.

  • SEO Interview Questions and Answers For Freshers

    SEO Interview Questions and Answers For Freshers

    SEO Interview Questions and Answers for Fresher? Are you Fresher looking for the list of best Interview Questions on SEO for Fresher? Or the one who is casually looking for the Best platform which offers a list of Top Rated SEO Interview Questions and Answers for Fresher? Then you have landed on the Right platform which is packed with must known SEO Interview Questions. Our SEOOFFICERS Team Has collected some of the best SEO Interview Questions and Answers for Fresher from Different sources.

    The Interview Questions on SEO are mentioned below are Asked in many interviews so we SEOOFFICERS thought of listing the entire Top Rated SEO interview Questions. If you are the one who is a hunger to crack the SEO interview as a Fresher then these below mentioned Interview Questions are for you only. Just follow the below-mentioned SEO Interview Questions and Answers for Fresher and Crack Any type of interview easily in the very first attempt.

    What is SEO? What are the benefits of it?

    SEO Stands for Search engine optimization which Means optimizing the website to rank on the Top of SERP(Search Engine Results Page) by using keywords.

    Benefits of SEO

    • Traffic to Money site
    • Real Customers to Business
    • Increase Quality of A website

    What are the Types of SEO?

    There are Two types of SEO Namely,

    • On Page Optimization 
    • Off Page Optimization

    On-Page SEO: The List of All the SEO Activities which are performed within(inside of a Site) to Rank no.1 on the SERP Are Generally Called as On-Page SEO. Interested to Know More details About List of All the on-Page SEO Factors to Rank No.1 on SERP try our On-Page SEO Factors which were Originally Designed by SEOOFFICERS Team Experts.

    Off-Page Optimization: Also Known as Off-Page SEO, The List of All the Activities/Changes/Promotions which were Performed outside of a Website to Rank on the Top of SERP(Search Engine Results Page) is Referred As Off-Page Optimization.

    What are the Techniques of SEO?

    There are two SEO Techniques Namely,

    • Whitehat SEO 
    • Blackhat SEO 

    WhiteHat SEO:
    Search Engines Made Certain Guidelines to rank Any Website on the Top of SERP. The SEO Experts who obey/Follow Search Engine guidelines while Optimizing the Website will comes under the White Hat SEO.

    Note:- There is no Kind of Strict Rule That you should/Have to Obey the Rules/Guidelines of Search Engines. If you’re the one who is looking for temporary Results on google SERP? Or the one who is Ready to Bare penalties by the Search Engines Can Avoid The Rules and guidelines which were made by the Search Engines.

    Blackhat SEO: Those who Need temporary Results? Or those who are looking for Short Term business with Search Engines can opt this Blackhat SEO. Blackhat SEO Basically Stands for those who don’t Obey the guidelines which were Made by Search Engines comes under the Blackhat SEO.

    Examples of Blackhat SEO

    • Clocking
    • DoorAway Pages
    • Keyword Stuffing
    • Hidden Text
    • PBN(Private Blog Network)
    • Buying Backlinks ...Etc.

    What are the SEO tools do you use?

    Plenty of Free and paid SEO tools Available in the which are in Use in the current SEO Market Few tools Mentioned below

    Free Tools,

    • Google Analytics 
    • Search Console 
    • UberSuggest 
    • Google trends 
    • Google Ad’s 
    • Keyword planner...Etc 

    Paid Tools,

    • Amazon Alexa 
    • Moz 
    • SemRush 
    • Keyword Everywhere 
    • BuzzSumo...Etc

    What do you mean by Backlink?

    Backlinks plays an Important Role on website ranking on SERP(Search Engine Results page). The Incoming link (or) the Inbound links to a Website is Generally referred as Backlinks. In general the Website which have More High Quality Backlinks will plays Better game on SERP.

    What is Internal Linking?

    If one link passes from one page to Another page within the Same Website is Generally referred as Internal link. The process of organizing All the links of the Same Domain which passes from Source to destination within the Same Website is called internal Linking.

    What is External Linking?

    External Links are Also called as outlinks/Outbound Links. If one URL passes from one Domain to Another Domain then it is Called as an External Link.

    What are Web Spiders/google Bots/Crawlers?

    Web spiders or google Bots or Crawlers Are the Software's Which were designed by Search Engines Like Google to Catch, Crawl and index of a webpage on SERP. once we submit indexing request to Search Engines via Search Console Search Engines will Send these bots to Read Our Site data.

    What Are Keywords in SEO?

    Keywords are the Words that user is Entering on Search bar of any Search Engines to find the Relevant information (Services,Products & infor). Keywords are often said to the Heart of SEO. Wanted to know More details About the keywords try our keyword research Methods which was originally Designed by SEOOFFICERS Team.

    Types of keywords

    There are two types of Keywords Namely,

    • Short Tail Keywords
    • Long tail Keywords

    Short tail Keywords: Short tail keywords are those which have the word Count Less than or Equal to 3 Example, SEO Expert bangalore SEO in Bangalore SEO interview Questions In the Above mentioned Example we have 3 Words in Each Query which means Word Count is 3 and less than 3 words. So those types of Keywords are Called as Short Tail keywords.

    Long Tail Keywords: Long Tail keywords are those which have the Word count more than 3 words. Example, Best SEO Interview Questions SEO Interview Questions for freshers SEO Interview Questions for Experienced 2019-2020 Best Interview Questions on SEO In the Above mentioned Example we have more than 3 Words Count is there which means those keywords are called Long Tail SEO keywords.

    What is keyword Stuffing?

    Keyword Stuffing, Adding more number of Keywords to a Webpage to rank on the top of SERP(Search Engine Results page). Keyword Stuffing is basically a Blackhat SEO technique. As per the SEO Standards we can Add in between 10-15 keywords to one Webpage, if we add more than 10-15 keywords to a webpage then it is counted as Keyword Stuffing.

    How to Add, 

    With the help of HTML Attribute i.e meta keyword tag we can Add keywords to Webpage Note:- Make Sure all your web pages contain less than 10-15 Keywords in it, otherwise it is counted as Blackhat SEO practice.

    What is Keyword stemming?

    Keyword Stemming is also counted as a part of keyword research practices. It is the Art of finding New Related Keywords from the main Root Keywords. By adding Prefix, Suffix and pluralization we can find more relevant keywords.

    What is Google Sandbox?

    Google Sandbox is an Imaginary place that stores List of All the Newly Requested Sites for Indexing on SERP. in this particular imaginary Area google filter the Sites which can index on SERP wand which are not. It Also hold Website for Quite some time for Observation and it will closely monitor the type of Activities that site performing.

    What are LSI and LSI Keywords?

    LSI Stands for Latent Schetic index which helps to understand list of All the Varieties of keywords that user is Searching on Google. LSI Keywords- these Are the Keywords that will Appear on the Bottom Page of SERP. one can easily get More Keyword ideas and what type of Other Keyword Variations that User is Looking on Google Search Bar.

    What is a 404 Error?

    404 Error is an HTML Error status code which Generally happens when you look for any specific URL on a Domain, if it is not available then you will get 404 Error. In Brief, Whatever the URL that User is looking for on any particular domain, if it is not available or Not loaded on server or Link Got broken then this Situation is Called as 404 Error. How to Deal with 404 Error Find out all the Broken links Use check my links extension to find out dead links Either Remove from the domain or fix them by using redirection Methods.

    What is 301 redirect?

    301 is Redirection method which is used to redirect any specific URL permanently from one page to another page. In generally 301 redirection methods will be used if you get any broken/dead links on our site.

    What is 302 redirect?

    301 is Redirection method which is used to redirect any specific URL Temporarily from one page to another page. In generally 301 redirection methods will be used if you get any broken/dead links on our site.

    What is robots.txt?

    Robots.txt is a Text file which will give instructions to Search Engines what URLs/ web pages need to crawl of a Domain and what URLs Not to crawl. This can be done by passing the commands below User-agent: * Disallow: How to check Robots.txt of a site https://www.domain.com/robots.txt

    What are toxic link?

    Toxic Links are the Links which are harmful to a website, in General toxic links are the Spam links which are created to reduce the Domain Authority of a Website by increasing the Spam score. How to check Harmful links of a site Use the Mozbar tool to know the Spam score Check the links Database from Moz bar tool Remove those External links(Spam links) using the Search Console tool.

    What is a Search Engine?

    Search Engine is an Online based Software system which let the user to Search Any type of information they need on the World Wide Web. The main Motto of most of the Current Search Engine platforms is to offer Relevant Information to the User when writing any Query on Search Box. Some of the Search Engines Available, Google Baidu Yandex Askme Bing Yahoo DuckDuckGo

    What is Crawling?

    Crawling is the Automated Process of Reading a Website what type of Content that a site is carrying on their webpages. Once any site Requested for Indexing on Search Engines Search Bots will start crawl the sites and it will gather information like Relevant keywords, hyperlinks and content, and images...Etc.

    What is Indexing?

    Indexing is the process of placing websites on the SERP(Search Engine Result pages) on the basis of crawling data which was Given by the web Spiders.

    What is SERP?

    SERP Stands for Search Engine Results page, it is the page which will appear when user search any Query on Search box. In General SERP contains Different types of Search Results namely, Local SEO Results Snippets Data Organic SEO Data LSI keywords Data( Bottom) Knowledge Graph Data Paid Results Data Profile Links data( of Brands) Podcast /Video Data

    What are Heading tags?

    Heading tags are the HTML Attributes which helps to Separate Higher Level and Lower level data( Heading and Body) of any specific content of a page. In SEO we do have 6 Heading tags Available which can be used anywhere on a webpage as per the data Representation. Heading tags Namely, H1,h2,h3,h4,h5 and h6. Note: We have to use only single h1 tag in a page for the rest of the heading tags there is no such kind of Limitation.

    What is Canonical URL?

    Ans: if the same or similar information is present on Different pages of same Domain then it is said to Canonicalization. It represents the Duplication Content Available on your Domain. How to fix this Change the Content Put Different content for Different Pages Or Use Redirection(301)

    What is SEO friendly URL?

    URL structure Also one of the Major SEO Ranking deciding factors which should carry your SEO keywords in it. While writing SEO Friendly URL’ Always use a hyphen instead of using Underscores. While developing Any URL’s try to Code all the URLs in a single technology( Either .html, aspx , .php). Key elements Should contain keyword in it Use Hyphens Character length should Less than 100

    What is Image Alt Text?

    Image Alt text is nothing but an Alternate text which is given to any Image when we performing image optimization.Most of the SEO’ facing too many problems when it comes to image optimization. Get the best responsive images from your Art Designer Optimize them as per your template resolutions. Make you’re your image should contain Alt + tag Once it got live on your webpage.

    Key Elements

    Image size should not exceed more than 100Kb Should contain Alt +tag Resize then as per the Current template resolutions

    What is Dwell Time?

    Dwell Time, this is also one of the major SEO Ranking factors that how long User spend time on your page when clicking the link from Search Engines. User will stay with us only if the Content is Relevant & Entertaining.

    What is SILO structure?

    SILO Structure plays a very important role when it comes to designing a website. In SEO point of View, SILO Structure Represents Grouping related content on your website together in an organized manner. Need to put Relevant information as per the categories.

    https://www.seoofficer.in -Homepage Need to Create Pages under Home page i.e,

    • https://www.seoofficer.in/digital-marketing
    • https://www.seoofficer.in/web-development 
    • https://www.seoofficer.in/bpo-process 

    Here Digital Marketing, Web Development & BPO Process are the Three categories, under these categories we need to create subcategories.

    • https://www.seoofficer.com/digital-marketing/seo
    • https://www.seoofficer.in/digital-marketing/social-media
    • https://www.seoofficer.in/web-development/php

  • How to Become an SEO Expert in 30 Days?

    Dreaming to Become a True SEO Expert? Planning to Grab the No.1 SEO Expert Position over Your Competitors? Then Don’t Just Dream to become a legendary SEO Expert Achieve it by Understanding the Secret Myths of Search Engines. Many Reports & Surveys proven that Search Engine Optimization Experts are becoming the Highest-Paid Job Holders in the Current Digital Marketing World.

    What Is SEO?

    SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimizations, The name itself indicates that Optimization which means optimizing websites to Search Engines to make Website Search Engine/User-Friendly. The Main object to spot the most profitable Keywords of Your Business on the Top of Search Engine Results Page(SERP).

    Who can become an SEO expert?

    There is no certain Criteria that only specific kinds of SEO can become the True SEO Experts. If you are the one who is more passionate about the Search Engine myths, or the one who loves to work with Major Search Engine Networks or the one who is more passionate to Rank any Niche Domains on SERP. if you have the Above Qualities then one day you will become the true SEO Experts.

    How to Become an SEO Expert?


    There are no Shortcuts for Success, one who gets more Real-time Experiences, Who experiments a lot can easily become Search Engine, Optimization Specialist. There is plenty of Possible ways to become a Search Specialist. Our seoofficers team Collected some of the Best Strategies to Become a true search engine specialist Easier and Faster.

    1.Learn From Experts

    If you are the one who just started your career? Or the one who wanted to Learn SEO Like a Pro then Taking Suggestions, Course or Tips from Experts is an ideal option. The Reason behind this Approach is very straightforward that they got Huge experience working with Many Projects, they experimented a lot of things in the Current Search Marketing field, they understand the Myths & working Principles and Finally they become the True SEO Experts.

    Approaching, Getting Suggestions & Tips from those Search Marketers is the Best Way to learn SEO Like a Pro from the first day itself.


    2.Following Blogs


    Blog Approach- Is said to be one of the most effective ways to upgrade your SEO Skills on a regular basis. There are tons of Websites/blogs are available out there in the current Internet marketing world which are flooded with Tons of Articles related to Search marketing.

    3.Following Forums


     Forums- Following the major Forums, asking Questions on Forums & Answering Questions on Forums among the best Approach to Clarity all your Queries/Questions Related to your Current Working field. With this approach, one can easily interact with People/Experts/Newbie’s who are related to your Niche eve we can easily interact with them by taking their contact information( Only if they agreed)

    4.WhatsApp Groups

    Don’t Get Confused you heard the Right word. There are plenty of Whatsapp Groups which are filled with True SEO Experienced/Fresher/ Experts who are sharing their skills to the Open Internet marketing world Via Whatsapp Groups.

    Try these seo whatsApp groups and Digital Marketing whatsApp groups to find awesome list of Groups that are filled with True SEO & Digital Marketing Experts.

    5.Think Like Search Engines

     SEO Expert is the one who thinks like a Search Engine. If you are the one who is dreaming to become the Expert in the Field of Search Marketing then you should start Think, Analyze & Implement your SEO campaign’s Like a Search Engine. If one wanted to think like a search engine then one should first understand the working Principles of Search Engines, How Search Engine Works & How Search Networks Read Sites to rank…Etc.

    Things to Consider

    • How Search works 
    • How Search Engines place the website on SERP 
    • How Crawlers Read Sites 
    • How Search Engines Relevant sites for Keywords...Etc

    6.Experiment and Learn

     If you are the one who is a hunger to learn SEO from scratch, then you must start your own blog and experiment with all the techniques that you learned from different sources. We at SEO officers Team Strongly believe that” Practice Makes man Perfect”. Try to collect all the on Page SEO factors and implement each and every method on your personal blog and monitor how much impact it is giving. Don’t go Behind the theory to create your own strategies.

    7. Keep Follow All the Latest Algorithm Updates

    It is Open fact that SEO is inconsistent Field; Search Engines keep updating their Search Algorithms to make Search more Relevant to the end-Users. It is an important aspect of an SEO Expert that he/she should have an eye of all the Search engine Algorithm updates released by the Search engines. Stay updated and improve SEO skills by following the updates from official accounts of Search engines on Major social media platforms.


     Create your Own Portfolio Website and showcase a list of all the projects that you have done till now. Showcase the list of all the Skills that you are carrying in the field of Digital marketing and what is the success rate of your SEO Efforts. Start working on your Portfolio website and rank relevant keywords related to your site this will create a positive impact on you that you are carrying great skill in Your current Domain.

  • Top 10 Must Have SEO Extensions for Google Chrome 2019-2020

    SEO Extensions for Chrome and Firefox Browser, Are you an SEO Looking for the best extensions to make your job easier and faster. Are the one how is casually looking for the most useful Chrome extensions of SEO to monitor your website/blog status, we got some of the most used SEO extensions that most of the SEO Experts and Digital Marketers are using in the Current Digital Marketing Space.

    What are Extensions?

    Extensions are Nothing But Tiny Softwares that are developed to Enhance Better Browser Experience. We Can use these extensions in most of the Popular Browsers(Chrome/Firefox) to make our Browsing Experience faster and Easier.
    Below Mentioned Must have chrome Extensions are an ideal option for those who wanted to save their time instead of visiting the websites all the time or the one who wanted to get detailed information that a tool offering with a single click(without Visiting website).
  • SEO WhatsApp Group Joins Link 2019 (* 999 Active Groups)

    SEO WhatsApp Group Joins Link 2019

    SEO WhatsApp Group links: Have you heard about this SEO WhatsApp Group World Which is Loaded with Thousands of SEO Pro’s who are working for Top Agencies & As a Freelancers. There are plenty of SEO WhatsApp groups available which are Engaging with Tons of SEO Updates, Posts, Tips & Hacks in every single minute. If you are the one who wanted to start a career with Search Engine Optimization ? or the one who is seeking More Quality information about how to optimize your Website, then these Best SEO WhatsApp groups are ideal options for you.

    Search Engine optimization WhatsApp group links


    SEO becoming the core module of Digital marketing in which every digital marketer must know all the myths of how this Search marketing works. There are plenty of true Digital marketers & SEO Experts available on the internet who wanted to share their Skills to online marketers, so they started Creating this WhatsApp group Communities where one can Interact directly with SEO Experts around the globe.

    If you are the one who is looking for the best platform to Enhance your SEO Skills? Or the one who is looking for the list of best SEO WhatsApp Group links which are 100% Active & Working? Or the one who is hunting for the Best WhatsApp groups which are engaging with the latest SEO updates? Then Stop your Hunt and Join into these below SEO WhatsApp groups.

    Our seoofficers team has Collected a List of best 100% working for Search Engine Optimization WhatsApp groups only for you. Join into these groups and get a chance to learn Search Marketing like a pro.
  • Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO 2019-2020

    Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO 2019-2020

    Glancing for the best Keyword Research Tool-free which can give you a comprehensive list of all the variations of Keywords that users searching on Search Engines? Or casually looking for the Best Keyword Research Tool for youtube out there in the Current Search Engine world? Then welcome to the world of SEO officers with the list of Top Keywords Research Tools of 2019-2020.

    What is Keyword Research?

    Is the Art of Finding Relevant Keywords which are actually related to the services/products that your business offering. In the Digital marketing or Search Engine, space keyword Research is considered as one of the toughest jobs of the SEO Specialist.

    Our seoofficers Team has collected a list of best Free Keyword Analysis Tools available in the current search world, which are actually doing a decent job, helping form newbie’s to Pros with advanced keyword research. The following Free keyword Research Tools are an ideal option for those who are lacking in finding the best ROI( Return on Investment) Keywords.

    Our seoofficers team collected the best Keyword analysis tools out there in the current Digital marketing which are using by many Specialists. Find them below

    Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO in any Niche

  • Best Off-Page SEO Techniques & trends of 2019

    Top 15 off page SEO techniques for 2019

    Off-Page SEO, A well-Known Search Engine Optimization strategy which helps to Build Authority, In Bound Links to Money site to Rank the Most Profitable SEO keywords on the top of SERP. It is Also Often said to the List of All the Activities That can Perform outside the Boundaries of a Website to Drive Quality Traffic & Keywords Improvements on SERP.

    In Fact, Off-Page SEO methods are saying to be the Best Practice to Increase branding of An Organization with the help of major Submission Sites. Every SEO Expert Follow His/her Own Way of Implementing Best Off-Page SEO Strategies but Not Everyone can get Success of Pushing the Most profitable Keywords on Top of SERP, The Reason Is Obvious Search Engine Algorithm’s changing at regular periods. So, Every SEO Expert comes up with New Off-Page SEO Strategies based on the Algorithm changes.
  • High PR Free PPT Submission Sites List 2019

    High PR Free PPT Submission Sites List

    Are you the one who is hunting for the best list of 100% working High DA PPT submission sites? Or the one who is the search for the best platform which is packed with top free PPT submissions sites list 2019? Then you’re in the right place.

    PPT Submission is one of the Off-Page SEO Activity which helps to Drive High-Quality back links to Our Money site. Getting Do-Follow links from this Off-Page Submission Method will 100% help to Boost SEO rankings and Boost Domain Authority because these are High-Quality Back links.

    Here is the list of best PPT submission sites list 2019 along with its Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA), Type of Link (Do-Follow/No-Follow) & Alexa Ranking. All the below-mentioned sites are handpicked by our SEOOFFICERS which are 100% working where anyone can easily generate High DA Do-Follow back links to their money site. ¬if you are the one who is a hunger to increase your website/Blog Traffic or Keyword rankings then hit the below mentioned High DA free PPT Submission sites list and start generating back links. Do mentioned your comments below if you have more quality PPT Submission sites with you.
  • High PR Social Bookmarking Submissions Sites List 2019

    Social Bookmarking Submissions Sites List 2019

    What is Social Bookmarking?

    Social Bookmarking is an Online based storage service where users can Add, Edit, Store, Share, Comment & Like WebPages available on the internet world. Users can easily link their official money websites, Blog Pages, Social media Profile Links, Affiliate marketing Links, YouTube Links Directly to these Social bookmarking management based service sites which help to drive massive amounts of traffic to their WebPages. Social Bookmarking is said to be one of the most popular Off-Page SEO Techniques in the Search Engine marketing world.

    What are the coolest benefits of Social Bookmark submissions?

    There are plenty of benefits using latest social bookmarking sites list 2019 submissions to Web Pages
    • Huge Traffic Generation
    • Can Showcase WebPages in front of the global audience
    • SEO Keyword Ranking’s
    • Increase Domain Authority(DA)
    • More traffic=More leads
    • High-Quality Backlinks generation
    • Free Brand Promotion’s
    • Helps to index Links on Search Engines(Natural Indexing)

  • On Page SEO Techniques To Rank On The First Page

    On-Page SEO Techniques To Rank On The First Page

    Understanding How exactly Search Methodologies work in real-time is the core objective of an SEO Expert. Being an SEO it is SEO Expert Responsibility to all the SEO ranking factors i.e On-Page SEO Techniques & Off-page SEO techniques which can Boost Your SEO keywords on the top of SERP. So today we’re  Presenting the Top Secrete & hidden SEO checklist & On-Page SEO techniques which will help you to place your website on the Top for your Profitable SEO Keywords.
  • Dofollow Web 2.0 High DA Free Submission Sites List

    High DA Free Web 2.0 Submission Sites

    Web 2.0 submission sites, Every SEO Engineer have a dream to Push the most Profitable Keywords on the Top of SERP, but only Few can Achieve this who have Strong SEO Strategies( Both on Page and Off-Page). Getting More and More backlinks from different backlink Sources doesn’t mean we’re building High-Quality Profitable Backlinks, Quantity Doesn’t matter in SEO only Quality Backlinks(High DA web 2.0 submissions, Guest Posting, Article Submissions, PR Submissions & infographics) Matter to Get Better rankings on SERP. Building Useless Backlinks backlinks are not the core Objective of SEO’s Building High Quality & High DA Do-follow Backlinks is the Core Objective of SEO Engineer.

    What is Web 2.0?

    Web 2.0 Submissions are turning as one of the Most Useful & Effective backlink Method when it comes to Increasing SEO Keyword rankings due to its Features. With the help of  Web 2.0 Submissions once can Generate High-Quality Contextual Backlinks Easily which are very Natural & Effective. For Quick, Stable & long-Term Result Most of the SEO’s do prefer to create free blogs on major Free Blogging platforms Like WordPress, Blogger & Over blog which is an ultimate option for Building Contextual links from High DA Do-follow Sites.
  • Instant Approval Dofollow Free Blog Commenting Sites List

    Instant Approval Blog Commenting Sites List

    Do follow Instant Approval Blog Commenting Sites list 2019, Are you looking for the best do follow free Blog commenting Sites list 2019? Or Hunting for the List of best do follow instant approval education blog commenting sites list 2019? Then stop hunting for high pr blog submission sites list and walk with for awesome list of 1000+ Free Do-follow instant Approval Blog commenting submission sites 2019.

    What is Blog Commenting?

    Blog commenting is one of the most effective methods of SEO(Search Engine Optimization) Off-Page Submission technique Used to Generate Niche Related Backlinks to the Money site. This is also one of the Easiest method to Drive & Targeted Audience Traffic to Blogs/Websites easily which leads to building Branding, connections with Targeted Audience.

    Benefits of Blog Commenting Submissions

    • Do-Follow Backlinks
    • Build a Relationship
    • Site Links Indexing
    • Boost SEO Rankings with help of Hyperlinks & Anchor text’s
    • Referral Traffic Generation
    • High Quality Targeted Audience Traffic to site/blogs

    Tired of finding the best SEO Off-page Submissions sites? But still didn’t get a Best site which is offering the Best SEO Off-page Submissions Sites? Then SEO officer here for with a list of best do follow instant approval Blog commenting sites. Here is the list of 100% working dofollow instant approval Free blog commenting sites list 2019 which is covering almost all the Niche categories (Education, Technology, Finance, Entertainment, Business, Marketing, news, Devotional & Much More). Our SEO officer Team Collected Top Free Blog commenting sites which are having more than 40+ DA (Domain Authority) with Very Low Spam score, so getting backlinks from these below Mentioned high pr blog submission sites list will boost your SEO Ranking’s & Site Traffic Drastically only if we use them in a Right way. Then What are You Waiting for Hit the below-mentioned sites now and Start getting High-Quality Backlinks from Today?


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